The Space Prom is a meta-fictional event brought up by Tucker in real life and then made famous by him in Swapnote. As the name suggests, it is a prom social event that is held in Space, and it is scheduled to be held "whenever the Universe wants it to, and whenever the Deadly Brotherhood of Space Piranhas and Immortal Jellyfish disband and scramble". A recurring statement commonly stated directly after introducing or inviting someone to Space Prom is "M. C. Excher's gonna' be there." Although the event is mainly hypothetical, "formal" invitations have been sent out and people can even invite themselves to the event. Bringing a date (however fictional, whatever gender, and however many individuals that date or dates may be) is mandatory for the event, and those in attendance are asked to bring a miscellaneous food (or otherwise) item, a weapon ("just in case"), and to choose a song for a slow dance at the event. On Swapnote, jokes commonly associated with the event are people posting their plans for the event and people posting mostly pathetic attempts to get people hyped for the event. The blog made on mainstream Fantendo for people to invite themselves to the event and to prepare is located here.