PureEvilShipping is a shipping from a few Nintendo Swapnote letters, showing the relationship between Drena and Assenav, who are both Dark Ones. Currently, both of the evidence shows that they love each other.

Evidence from Both Edit

  • It started wit a Note where they are seen, staring romantically to each other. Their non-evil counterparts were awestruck, staring at them with disbelief. Then Pesh appeared, asking them why they were staring so odd.
  • Drena and Assenav were starting to have a sexual intercourse, when Waluigi suddenly appeared. Drena ordered him to get out, but before he could even finish the hald of his sentence, Arend appeared and ordered Drena, Assenav and Waluigi to get out his bedroom.


  • This is pretty much the non-crack counterpart of a crack pairing Arend finds so similar to Eltario×Zelda, as both make no sense.