Professor E. Vil Oldton is the antagonist of the Pusher's Pile series, and a recurring character in Fantendo Swapnote. Due to his hairstyle, he is often referred as Clownshair, and he doesn't really like it.

Note Appearances Edit

  • Oldton was introduced by Dr. Doofenshmirtz to his daughter Vanessa. She was the first one to call Oldton Clownshair.
  • Later Bowser told Mario that his new bud is Oldton. Mario apparently knew him, and called him Clownshair as well.
  • Even later, Oldton had enough of everyone calling him Clownshair, and eventually begged his nemesis Pesh to call him by his original name. Pesh immediately denied this and also called him Clownshair.
  • Afterwards, he was referenced by Uilee Tea and Pesh. Uilee Tea asked Pesh where Oldton was and Pesh responded by stating "Who Clownshair?".