Jake's Boo Adventures is a series of Swapnotes created by Animal Crossing Leader (Talk). The series stars Template:Swapnote, who is a Boo doing various things. The series' deuteragonists, Template:Swapnote and Template:Swapnote are two of Jake's friends, with Bill being his trusty sidekick, and Julie being his crush.



SwapnoteAngel The following article/section contains spoilers about letters/chapters of Swapnote.

Main IssuesEdit

Template:Issue (Boo Beam / Thing-a-majig) Template:Swapnote turns into a Boo when he accidentally annoys Template:Swapnote.
Template:Issue (Cookie Catastrophe) Jake and Bill find a cookie bag on a high shelf, and they try to get up.
Template:Issue (♥ Boo ♥) Jake meets Template:Swapnote, and flies over to compliment her.

Other IssuesEdit

(I EAT YOU!!! -- Part 1) Jake and Template:Swapnote fight, with 食べる threatening to eat Jake.
(I EAT YOU!!! -- Part 2) 食べる burps out Jake's hat, implying that he ate him, however, Jake walks in and takes his hat back. 食べる then says that he WILL return!
(Thunder and Fighting) Jake argues with Zeus, to stop throwing lightning, while {食べる threatens them both.