Jake, as a Mii
Full Name Jake
Current Age 13
Date of Birth September 1, 1998
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Gender Male
Species / Type Mii
Main Element(s) Unknown
Vulnerable to Epic Things
Current Status(es) Alive
EPIC I'm a Boo!!
Jake, Jake's Boo Adventures (Prologue)

Jake is a user of Nintendo Swapnote and is the avatar of Animal Crossing Leader (Talk). He makes appearances in almost all of ACL's swapnotes. Jake stars in a series of (random) events, entitled Jake's Boo Adventures.


Jake's Boo AdventuresEdit

Jake stars in a comic series called Jake's Boo Adventures, where he is a normal stickman human guy who can be turned into a Boo by his friend Bill. It is revealed in the prologue that Jake loves Boos, and it was this that gave the idea to Bill to change him into a Boo.

In the second comic, Jake finds a bag of cookies atop a super high ledge in the middle of nowhere. He then turns to Bill to transform him into a Boo to get them. In a deleted scene, it is revealed the Bill is allergic to cookies.

In the third comic, Jake is walking when he sees a cute girl who he gains a crush on. This will eventually start a whole mini-series within the series.


A mini-series, which revolves around Jake, Bill and an unnamed fat creature (yet to be fully seen, only seen very small) travelling to go to a certain place on a map. In the first comic, they are seen going into a cave.

It is revealed that they will also go into a forest, a village and mountains, as shown when a map was shown.

Relationships With Other CharactersEdit


Bill is Jake's friend, on Jake's side anyway. To Bill, Jake is super annoying, and likes to watch him make a fool of himself. Jake and Bill are the main protagonists of Jake's Boo Adventures.

Unnamed Boo GirlEdit

In the third comic, Jake meets this cute Boo girl who he quickly gains a crush on. It is also evidenced that she likes him too, as when he introduces himself, the girl replies with telling him that he's cool.


Hmmm... TALLY-HO!



  • Jake shares his name with Jake, another character based off of Animal Crossing Leader (Talk).
  • Jake bares little resemblance to his Fantendo counterpart, Jake, or his Mii, also Jake. One difference is that he wears a hat.
  • Jake appears in every swapnote ACL has created so far.
    • This excludes replies to other swapnotes.